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A Chapel from the nature and of the nature

Peerumedu : When crores are spent to build, modify and renovate a church, here comes an example for a chapel where the luxuries are omitted and the believers have built up a chapel with the raw materials from the nature such as the bamboo and palm leaves. The chapel is near Peerumedu at Moonnattumukku Hills. The chapel is situated at a spot rich in natural and scenic beauty. It is the meeting place of a serene stream, lovely tea plantation and lush greenery. H.H.Baselious Marthoma Paulose II Catholicose commented that the serving the Almighty from a church that is merged with the nature gives an awesome experience, while consecrating the chapel. The chapel has been named St.Gregorious Chapel of Transfiguration. The mango tree in the chapel has been considered as the cross and this has not been cut off mercilessly. The altar is the stone that laid near to the mango tree. The chapel built with bamboo, palm leaves and grass has no walls. The idea of constructing such a chapel was put forward by Rev.Fr.Dr.K.M.George, who is a priest of the Orthodox Community and was the Principal of the Orthodox Theological Seminary. The Sahadharma Sangham made this a reality. They found a place at Moonnattumukku, 2 kms from Peerumedu. Rev.Fr.Sanjay Geevarghese was abided with the responsibility of building the chapel with the advice that no harm should be done to the nature.
Within 3 months the chapel and a small hut to stay was built. H.H.Baselious Marthoma Paulose II Catholicose carried out the consecration and then stayed at the hut with limited facilities for 2 days and a night. God can not be found in luxurious churches built to show off and a church should not be built harming the nature, His Holiness commented. Sahadharma Sangham comprises of Rev.Fr.Dr.K.M.George, Rev.Fr.Dr.Cherian Eapen and George Zachariah.