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Venal Shibiram

Dubai : Venal Shibiram celebrations entered its 10th year. venal
Shibiram gave the memories of Culture and Heritage. The program has
been conducted under the auspices of the Youth Movement of the
St.Thomas Orthodox Cathedral Dubai. The drama that portrayed the
characters of the last 10 years surprised all. Sandesh, Kunjunni
Maash, Mahatma Gandhi, Kummatti, Mahabali, Pulikali, Chaakyar, Farmer,
Traditional doctor and Tribal head came to life in the stage. The
Venal Shibiram program commenced with the 10 litttle angels make 10
pigeons fly symbolising 10 years of Venal Shibiram. Edakkal Cave
created as part of the Venal Shibiram was a variety experience. In the
cave was the artifacts like ammikallu, adachotti, old coins,
kaashyapetti, chirava, aranmula mirror, tools used in farming and a
lot. The science exhibition by the children were too awesome. The new
generation was introduced to new trends in building construction.
Rev.Fr.Shaji Mathews, Rev.Fr.Lani Chacko led the programs.

News Courtesy : Manoj Thomas