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Lent and feast of St.Mary at Bahrain St.Mary’s Cathedral

Manama : The lent of St.Mary of 8 days taken prior to the Feast of St.Mary will be conducted at St.Mary’s Indian Orthodox Church. Rev.Fr.Varghese Yohanan Vattaparampil will lead the lent from September 1st to 7th. On 1, 2 4 and 6th there will be evening prayer, songs, devotional speech will be conducted. On 3rd and 7th evening prayer followed by holy qurbana will be conducted. On 7th procession will be conducted. On 5th morning prayer followed by holy qurbana. On 6th songs and devotional speech. All the believers are invited and urged to take part in the lent and feast by the Cathedral acting Truestee Bony Mulapam Pallil and acting Secretary Renji Mathew.