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Waterford Family Conference concluded

Waterford: The Family Conference of the churches of the Ireland South East conducted at Waterford concluded. The conference began with the hoisting of the flag by the UK – Europe Diocese Metropolitan H.G.Dr.Mathews Mar Timothios Metropolitan. Question answer session, singing class, talent programs, various entertainment programs, dance, skits were all conducted at the conference. On sunday morning, His Grace offered the holy qurbana. The devotional speech delivered amidst the qurbana by Rev.Fr.Anish Sam, Vicar St.Thomas Church, Dublin enlightened the believers. Rev.Fr.T.George moderated the debate on contemporary issues and people actively took part in all the programs. H.G.Dr.Mathews Mar Timothios, Rev.Jameson of Marthoma community took classes. After these sports were also conducted. Many people from various churches took part in the 2 day conference. REv.Fr.Yeldho Varghese led the programs.