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Very.Rev.M.E.Idiculla Cor – Episcopa passed away

Florida : Priest of Malankara Orthodox Community American Diocese and
member of Prakkanam St.Mary’s Orthodox Valiyapally,
Very.Rev.M.E.Idiculla Cor – Episcopa, Muttani passed away on 19th
August at 3.15pm at Thamba.
He had migrated to America in 1957 and had established many churches
despite of the dilemmas and problems he had to face.
The funeral will be held at St.Gregorious Orthodox Church, New York.
Wife : Sosamma, Vadakkedath Thottathil, Adoor
Children : Saji John, Dr.Sebu Idiculla
Children – in – law : Jerry John, Lory John
Grandchildren : Samuel John, Aleesha, Samantha
North East American Diocese Metropolitan H.G.Zachariah Mar Nicolovas Metropolitan and South West American Diocese Metropolitan H.G.Dr.Alexious Mar Eusebious Metropolitan conveyed their condolences.