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Environmental protection – vital issue

Ranni: The earth in which we dwell is a gift from the almighty God. It is the duty of the children of God to protect this earth. The Garden of Eden was the first garden. God created animals and human beings in it and gave the paradise for them to live in. Man who was to protect the earth began to exploit it. Today man pollutes the nature in various ways. They pollute the earth in different ways and create buildings and skyscrapers that are unbearable for the earth. In all ways , man causes trouble to the earth. As a result of this, the greatest threat that man has to face these days is the trouble of waste management.All should strive hard to find a remedy for the problems caused to the nature by man and Man should create greenery all over and save the earth with the lush greenery, said District Panchayat Member Mariamma Cherian, while inaugurating the environmental day program of the Nilackal diocese at St.Thomas Aramana by planting a sapling.
Diocese secretary Rev.Fr.Shyju Kurien presided over the meeting. Environmental Commission Vice President Rev.Fr.Jacob Kallicheth, Secretary Dr.Thomas Jacob, Diocese council members K.A.Abraham, Adv.Anil Varghese, Balasamajam Diocese Secretary Jacob Thomas, M.E.Easow, Martha Mariyam Samajam Diocese Secretary Lillykutty Mathew, Manoj Pangattu gave speeches.