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Passion Week Service at Southend St.Gregorious Indian Orthodox Church

Essex : The Passion Week service of the Southend St.Gregorious Indian Orthodox Church will be conducted from April 12th onwards with the 2nd Basildon Convention. On 13th at 9.30 am the Hoshana service and the procession commemorating the journey of Christ on a mule will also be conducted. Retreat and prayer will be conducted at the homes of the Basildon parish members. On 15th evening prayer followed by Retreat at Chems Ford Methodist Church. On 16th, evening prayer followed by Pesaha service and Holy Qurbana. On 17th at 7pm evening prayer. On 18th Good Friday service from 9am. On 19th Holy qurbana at 8.30 am. At 6pm evening payer followed by the Easter Service.
Rev.Fr.Thomas Mathew Palathinkal, vicar of Chennithala St.George Orthodox Church and a known gospel preacher will lead the passion week service this year.
For more details:
Roy Philipose – 0758012982
Sunil Thankachan – 07446198962
Josen George – 07809687913
Sajo Varghese – 07717457885