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Passion Week Service of Colon – Bon parishes

Colon: The Passion Week service of Colon – Bon Parish will be conducted from April 13th to 19th at St.Augustin Hospital Church and at Pithrus Hospital Cappela, Bon respectively. Rev.Fr.Laiju Mathew will lead the services.
Oshana service will be conducted at 10am on April 13th at St.Augustine Hospital Church. From 17th evening onwards service of Maundy Thursday on 17th from 4pm, on 18th at 9am services of the Good Friday and on 19th Easter Service from evening 8 will be conducted at Bon Pithrus Hospital Cappela. All are invited to taste and feel the
love of God Almighty and to gain some peace in the peaceless world.
For More Details:
Rev.Fr.Laiju Mathew – 061312171996, 01637484121
John Kochukandathil (Secretary) – 0220582915, 01637339681
Thomas Pazhamannil (Trustee) – 0221 962000, 638746, 01731017700
Jacob Daniel – 02233 923090
K.V.Thomas – 0202 303544

News Courtesy : John Kochukandathil