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Condolence for the demise of H.H.Uthradam Thirunal Marthanda Varma

New York: Malankara Orthodox Community joined in the sadness of the demise of H.H.Uthradathirunnal Marthanda Varma Thamburan who was the successor of the great ruler H.H.Chithirathirunnal Bala Varma Thamburan. There was a time in the history of the orthodox community when there existed a strong bond with the thampurans. In 1813, 16 acres of land was donated to the orthodox community by tthe thampuran family which later became the headquarters of the Metropolitan then. The orthodox theological seminary at kottayam is situated in the land donated then. The wood required for the construction of the old seminary was also given by the thampurans. Till 1876, the Travancore thampurans had power over the orthodox community, but after the court order of 1876, the decisions were to be taken by the court. The emergence of the english language and it’s teachings were begun by the christian communities and all support was rendered for this by the Travancore thampurans. This ultimately led to the emergence of printing press and emergence of kottayam district into the land of literacy. The condolence to the demise of His Highness was stated by Korason Varghese, Paul Karukapallil, Thomas Rajan, V.I.Joy,Dr.George Thomas, V.O.Jose and Paapachan Geevarghese.